is an untraceable and secure cryptocurrency aiming to be GPU and ASIC resistant via the new Cryptonight Adaptive POW algorithm.

NERVA offers true privacy and fungibility, is totally untraceable and unlinkable, with users and transfer amounts hidden from the public

Features you love

A new POW algorithm

NERVA utilizes the brand new and exclusive Cryptonight Adaptive algorithm (v3). This makes NERVA the only solo CPU mined cryptonight coin in circulation.


NERVA believes facing the issues in crypto are far more important than the personal wealth of individuals. There was no ICO, just a fair launch for those who want to help faced those issues and provide a brighter future for crypto

Energy efficient

No need to run separate GPU mining rigs or other specialized hardware. Mine coins on your current computer, or even that old laptop in the garage.

Fast transactions

1 minute block times with low confirmation count means your funds are at their destination sooner. Combine with that low fees and a stable blockchain and you can send and recieve NERVA quickly and cost effectively. Apart from cryptocurrencies, investing in companies like Amazon is also a good option to make some profits. Several investors are now investing in Amazon, the giant in the e-commerce business. Check the in amazon investieren test results to learn more about investing in Amazon.


Based on the Monero and Masari projects, NERVA combines cryptonote's first class privacy and fungability with solo CPU mining. You never have to share your address to participate with NERVA.

Fair distribution

Solo CPU mining means everyone with a computer has a chance to mine blocks. No need for expensive mining equipment or software that might be covertly mining to someone elses account. You help secure the network and get the entire reward if you find a block.

Our Mission

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    Crypto for everyone

    Crypto should be for everyone, not just those who can afford the hardware to mine it. Meme coins also play a significant role, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the emerging possibilities. From potential investment opportunities, this list of top meme coins has captured the interest of the crypto community. NERVA allows you to mine on the computer you're using to read this website, or even dust off that old laptop in the garage. Because if crypto is going to be our future, then we all need to be able to be a part of it.

  • We are following up on this mission. We are actively working every day to produce software that is easy to use for everyone. We have API's in .NET and PHP to allow other developers to integrate NERVA into their web and software projects. We also decided to start work on our own GUI (currently in Beta) to build these ideals of simplicity and ease of use into a lean, tidy cross platform package.

    NERVA also enjoys a substantial following on Discord, Telegram and Reddit. So there is always someone available to chat to or get help from. Community is a big part of NERVA. This is truly a community focused and driven coin. Where every miner, trader or hodler is treated equally. The NERVA community all share a common ideal. To take crypto back from big corporations and organised mining operations and give it back to the people. The way crypto was designed and the way it was intended.

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    On the cutting edge

    NERVA is widely known as an experimental coin. But that's just cause we're doing things a bit differently. With a custom Proof of Work algorithm, the focus on solo CPU mining and the accelerated emission curve, NERVA is changing the way people think about cryptocurrencies and how they are mined and traded.

  • As well as being a solid coin that is easy to mine on any old computer, NERVA is also engaged in some more experimental aspects of crypto. NERVA was the first coin to demonstrate a self adjusting algorithm by changing some algorithm parameters every block. Now Cryptonight Adaptive is in v3 and every single hash relies on different, randomly selected data from the blockchain. This combined with the solo mining aspects of the coin, give Cryptonight Adaptive the highest level of ASIC and FPGA resistance available. The algorithms reliance on stored blockchain data also put NERVA at the forefront of resistance to rented hash services like NiceHash and Mining Rig Rentals, which also makes NERVA the best available coin for resisting 51% attacks that have compromised the integrity of many blockchains before. NERVA is a coin you can have total confidence in as a method of payment and as store of wealth in the short or long term.

    The other talking point of NERVA is the rapid coin emission, with all coins due to be emitted within 3 years of the genesis block. But why? Monero and it's fork coins (of which NERVA is one) rely on the principle of the 'tail emission' after the last of the coins are emitted. A flat block reward that is aimed to replace lost coins and keep miners incentivised. But does it work? Well no one actually knows. No Cryptonight POW blockchain has come to the end of its work. NERVA is going to do that before any other. NERVA will be the project that other projects look to for answers and an example of how to manage that transition. So by being a part of NERVA, you are getting into a project that will have the world's attention on it in a couple of years.

    Overall, NERVA defies the conventional wisdom of crypto and challenges people to think differently about how cryptocurrency is mined and traded and how blockchains are secured now and into the future.

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    A simple use case

    Our use case is simple. To provide a stable blockchain with fast, low fee transfers usable by anyone with a straightforward, no nonsense interface. To provide the tools and resources to assist developers to integrate NERVA into their systems and use NERVA as an alternate payment method.

  • One person, or even one community as passionate as ours can't really change the world. But we can take the first steps. We provide tools and assistance to anyone who wants to help us revolutionise the way people shop online and the currency they use to pay for goods and services. Our WooCommerce plugin allows you to accept NERVA on your ecommerce site, just like PayPal or credit cards. Our API's allow you to integrate NERVA into your next ecommerce or analytics site. Maybe you'd like to make a new online game and use NERVA as an in game currency. The possibilities are endless. And when you base your next development on NERVA, or accept it as payment on your store, you're basing it on a fast paced, extremely decentralized and stable blockchain.

    But what about if you're not a developer? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We have very active development on multiple fronts, creating more and more ways for you to trade and use NERVA. We are actively seeking additional exchanges to list on to expand your choices for buying and selling NERVA and actively working on bringing you great ways to spend those coins you mine and buy.




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Start Mining

Nerva is super easy to mine. No extra software or looking up pools. Just download the software and go

Mining Tutorial
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Current CLI Version v0.1.6.8: Lammergeier

Current GUI Version v0.0.2.4: Beta-4


CLI and GUI for Linux x64




CLI and GUI for Windows x64




CLI and GUI for Mac OS



Ledger Nano S

Nerva v0.1.6.5+
Python installation

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Source Code

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Paper Wallet

Just looking to buy some NERVA and looking for a place to stash it? Generate a paper wallet!

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What's with the name?

NERVA stands for Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicle Application. It was a part of a wider research project conducted by NASA in the 1950's and 60's to produce a nuclear powered rocket engine to power manned missions beyond the moon. NERVA never flew. Those vaguely familiar with crypto will see the irony in this.

Is there a pre-mine?

Yes. 180,000 coins were pre-mined for this project. This equates to approximately 0.97% of the total supply. This is to finance the infrastructure to run the network for the years to come.

What's the max supply?

There will be around 18.5 million coins issued before "tail emission" occurs, which is a small 1% annual inflation to keep miners incentivized, replace lost coins and provide future liquidity.

What pools are out there?

Short answer, None. NERVA is intended to be a solo mined, with CPU only.

What about GPU mining?

Please read our statement above regarding the motivation for this coin.

Where's your whitepaper?

As this is a Monero fork, its basis are the CryptoNote and RingCT protocols. A whitepaper regarding the Cryptonight Adaptive algorithm is in the works and will be published in due course.

Stay tuned